Top Cheap Smartphones Of 2016 (Under € 100)

You have a limited budget but you still want the best Android or Windows Phone smartphone that can be found on the price range Some people say that below 100 euro no one can definitely find some decent smartphone, and that is more convenient to buy the old GSM mobile phones. It is not true, since even at low prices can have some decent smartphone. Even those without much money can have the opportunity to download free apps, chat on WhatsApp and Telegram, take pictures, surf the internet with 3G and 4G LTE and all other operations that can be done with a top of the range smartphone. Especially in 2016.

More technology has moved on and more resources are exponentially increased in the field of mobile phones. Economic smartphone that we are now in fact, can be compared in the context of the technical characteristics to the top of the range that 3 or 4 years ago cost hundreds of Euros and then a minimum three times the latter To find cheap mobile phones which currently run at large and have a good processor and RAM memory now you need not even move on Chinese smartphone. You may find functional cost Android smartphone also from top brands like LG, Huawei and many others. And the same goes for those with Windows operating system, as they are written down so much as a result of poor sales of Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10. The only field in which you can not do this speech is to iOS Apple’s iPhone always cost big bucks, but it is just a few devices.

The market has also improved because of the screen size If first touchscreen display were small, now can be found easily by 5-inch screens at a very low price. We, however, do not recommend to go by Mediaworld or the online e-commerce stores like eBay and Amazon by choosing the first budget smartphone that happen. Many are really bad quality, both as regards the aesthetics that for the optimization of the hardware and software sector. To have a smartphone that meets you on this price range you have to do a super smart choice. We showed you the buyer’s guide of the best smartphone for the elderly, and we also brought you the buyer’s guide with the best Android tablet for kids of portfolios friends. Now we present a new buyer’s guide containing all the best the 2016 budget smartphone (below 100 euro).