All car brands in the world have their respective specification. If you are looking for the best pickup truck, this article will serve is purpose to inform you about it. Pickup truck is more than vehicle to carry loads. The car should also provide comfort as well. Comfortable feature of a pickup truck is often associated with spacious headroom. Therefore, most of pickup truck has big dimension. Engine configuration is also something to consider. Hauling capability of a pickup truck will make it sitting on the first rank of the best pickup truck. Vehicle that qualifies the aspects above is none other than 2017 Ford F150. Here is brief review of the series.

How F150 Beats All Car Brands in the World

All Car Brands in the World

In terms of the best pickup truck, Ford F150 is able to defeat all car brands in the world. This particular series simply has better appearance, performance, and fuel efficiency. Let’s break down those aspects one by one.

Ford F150 has muscular design. It can be found from the exterior layout of the pickup truck itself. The front grille has large layout with many horizontal stripes. This front grille layout continues up to the front bumper. Large headlamps and fog lamps decorate both sides of the front grille. From the front, the appearance might look intimidating.

Despite the intimidating looks on the exterior, the interior is quite friendly and comfortable. As it goes with all car brands in the world, this pickup truck want to make the passengers feel comfortable during their trip. The material used is high quality. It is to give not only comfortable impression, but also long lasting durability. As promised by the company, the cabin space is large enough to accommodate three to six passengers without making them feel cramped inside it. The interior is also packed with plenty of storage space. The dashboard is mounted with user-friendly infotainment system. Other necessary features are also included as well.

In order to deliver powerful performance, the 3.5 liter of turbocharged V6 engine is chosen to fill the space under the hood. This engine is able to generate 375 horsepower along with 420 lb-ft of torque. The fuel efficiency of this engine is also impressive. It takes maximum of 19 mpg on city roads and 26 mpg on the highway. The automatic transmission system added in it comes with 10 level of speed. Even though it has superior feature, the MSRP for the base model is at $53,000. No wonder the car is at the first rank among all car brands in the world.