Perfumes For Cabinets DIY, The Best Ideas For Your Home

These beautiful scents cabinet DIY are really perfect for clothing and household linen placed in our furniture. Here are the best ideas for the house between the various potpourri, essential oils and sachets for closets.

Scent closets and drawers is a good habit not only as a matter of “nose”, but also to preserve our accessories and clothing protecting them from moths and moisture.

In the tradition there are different scents DIY cabinet that is worth going to “brush up” to create a fresh scent in our homes.

Scented sachets and Drying

To avoid that in the drawers and in the corners of our cabinets are created mold and humidity, the main cause of bad smells, you can make the bags absorbent and fragrant. Using the canvas weave a ribbon and made a bag of rice or silica gel. Put the bag a few drops of essential oil of lavender, mint, citrus or your favorite scent and moisture will be avoided on all clothing. In addition, the bag will unleash a good scent for a long time!

Pomander to perfume rooms

One of the most “chic” to perfume rooms and closets is to make pomander. Surely you happened to see one already, but maybe you did not know already perfuming of his power! The pomander is a citrus fruit dried and perforated, which are then cloves and cinnamon or vanilla. After being dried grapefruit, orange or tangerine pierced with a toothpick on a radiator enter your spices and use it to perfume wardrobes.

Scented sachets

Tea bags, even after being used, give off a good scent. To use them in the closets just dry them perfectly so that no stain and soak them with a little bit of essential oil. Wanting you can also be wrapped in a paper or a piece of cloth decorative.

Cloth bags magic

If you take a piece of soft cloth such as batteries and the Soak of absorbent, causing dry it well, it will become a concentrated perfume to put between your clothes, which in this way will smell like freshly washed. Use a fabric softener concentrate to have a better effect and be careful not to wet the cloth, that must not get wet if not softening.

Bags of soap

The classic bag filled this time of soap flakes with the addition of pieces of sandalwood essential oil gives off an intense and delicate, able to clean up and the environment and the Wardrobe by odors.