Negative Impact Due to Lack of Blood (Anemia)

By | April 4, 2017
Anemia or less blood can not be taken lightly because if left without proper treatment it is not impossible if the disease this one could have a negative impact to the health of your body. The negative impact due to anemia or anemia is also not playing games, if already entered the stage of severe anemia then the patient usually is in desperate need of blood transfusion in order not to worsen their condition.
Many things that cause why people often suffer from anemia or lack of blood, but usually the most common factors are due to lack of nutrition chiefly of iron in our body so that it led to the production of red blood cells to decrease. In addition to iron deficiency other factors is that pregnancy, heredity, menstrual bleeding, intestinal disturbance and the presence of chronic diseases such as cancer or kidney failure.
Negative Impact Due to Less Blood
Well, anyway anemia or lack of blood follows below are some negative impacts due to lack of blood to the body’s health.

Impact Due to Lack of Blood for the Body

1. Pale
One of the effects caused by lack of blood The first is that is causing us to become pale. Pale is not only visible on the face, but also can be seen on the palms of our hands. In addition to a pale face and hands, usually people who have anemia eyelids inside also will look pale as there is no blood. In normal people usually inside their eyelids would look blood red and pale as in people with anemia. So, if you saw a sign above it should not be left then immediately go to a doctor.
2. Dizziness
In addition to white, negative effects due to lack of blood most annoying is dizziness. Many people consider dizziness as the common cold and they do not realize is that it is one of the effects due to lack of blood. When a person is anemic then the red blood cells in the body they will be reduced, but this is the function of blood as oxygen carrier. Reduced blood in this body will certainly hamper the circulation of oxygen throughout the body including the brain so that it causes the head to be sick or dizzy.
3. Often Tired
Inhibition circulation of oxygen throughout the body due to the number of red blood cells decreases not only the head will become sick, but also cause us to be often tired. In addition to fatigue, the body will feel weak and exhausted that makes us as incapable or not excited to perform various activities, including light work though.
4. Nausea
For those of you who often experience nausea, especially in the morning when you wake up then it can be said is one of the signs that you are experiencing anemia or less blood. If these signs often do you feel then immediately go to a doctor that anemia is not prolonged torture you.
5. Immune System Decline
Anemia can also be made in the body’s immune system becomes weak and this may cause you very susceptible to various other diseases such as flu, fever, runny nose, cough and sore.
6. Shortness of Breath
Then the negative impact of the last consequence of this is that less blood can cause breathing becomes congested and panting when on the move. Shortness of breath is caused due to decrease in red blood cells that carries oxygen served as causing the supply of oxygen in your body becomes smooth.

Tips to Prevent Anemia

Anemia can not be taken lightly because the impact is very bad for your health, even if allowed, the impact of anemia is very disturbing your daily activities. Well, here below are some tips on how to prevent anemia that you can apply to avoid this disease.
1. Expand Consuming Iron
One of the causes someone anemia or anemia is due to insufficient intake of iron in their bodies. Now, therefore, if you want to avoid the name of anemia then increase to consume foods that contain iron. Foods that contain iron can very easily be found in meat, nuts and vegetables that are green.
2. Reduce Begadang
Reduce stay up because it is not good for the health of your body and can cause various diseases including anemia. Sleep at least 8 hours a day to keep the body healthy and fit throughout the day.
3. Exercising
Then tips prevent further anemia is that with exercise. This exercise will make your body to be healthy and able to help you avoid various diseases including anemia. Just do light exercise such as jogging regularly at least 30 minutes in the morning then it is enough to make the body healthy and fit always.
That is the negative impact of anemia or anemia for health and along with some tips on how to prevent anemia. May be useful and add to our knowledge of all.

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