Iacampo – Flores

Each studio album of Marcus Iacampo is a continuous step towards a complete evolution, as Valetudo had left to guess how intimacy there could be a fair way out. But momentary, saw the change under consideration Flores, his third studio effort, in that intimacy contrasts with the need to get out and be even more direct, perhaps even renouncing the aid of only one acoustic guitar if something remains in situations as the instrumental and Fisherman’s portrait Biancavela, to win is a scene where a rhythm section sometimes bare-bones, where it is felt gloom in like a rock and is more visionary listening to the ethereal sax Santa Clara, other stiffened, as primarily shown by the woody flavor,

rather than metal, the incessant Stilt House, but also of the underwater effect it does, if not percussive such rides Two two two, will accompany the gloss tropical-jazzy elementary Painter, the 60’s-70’s folk-blues mood of the title track the contrasting performance of bossa nova and rumba in the calls to Gazzè Brand new bestiary of Veneto and as a drop and citazionismi forming head into saudade, countered by the strings, every hour of every day. There is no doubt Flores is another milestone accomplished by Iacampo, whose sequel is confirmed more than deserved.

Germanotta Youth – s  t

A harbinger, that of The Final Solution de-evolution. But for those few which have a benign effect. Fabio Reeks Recchia knows what it means to ponder their choices, as a proponent of a creature which fell just two components. Germanotta Youth, supposedly, well and good. A similar self-titled album, with its contrast between grace and grit since the strawberry on the cover, looks like a Little Red Riding Hood who, in the course of his journey, it sinks in vegetation as infested as possible,

and for this fascinating The grove of Nonna Bava introduces a fusion of techno and grindcore who probably sees its peak in kryptonitica The Succubus and retro and suffocating meta-funk bombing of Gore Matryoshka, the latter a sign of devotion to video games also present in the exhilarating tribute to Super Mario Blast; A Serbian Kolo is the death metal towards the future, while Kymatic introduces math buildings; Magellan Barbeque serves as a loose cannon, but also furious dance Item lopsided, before finding a better balance in the dispute between voodoo and transistors force in Techno Viking, in a context that, once free from any rigidity,