How To Take Care of Your Computer

By | April 4, 2017

If you’re one of the many people who make computers as essential goods to support the work, then you should know the proper way to care for your computer. It is undeniable that the computer is so needed today. It starts to work on the task, access the Internet and various other things that make our lives easier. But keep in mind is, what we already know the right way to protect your computer from damage?

How To Take Care of Your Computer

Computers can be very helpful if we knew how to operate and care for her. Ultrawide monitor but sometimes there are various problems that can occur on a computer, so you may have to defer to finish your work. Things like that would be very annoying. It is time that you know the proper steps to make your computer last longer so you can finish the job on time. Consider the steps below so that your computer is always in good condition:

1. Use a Firewall To Protect Your Computer
If you use a computer to access the internet, Firewall is a device that must be for you to use. Firewalls can be a protector for your computer so that your computer is not vulnerable to viruses or malicious files which can come after accessing the internet. As we know, a virus or a malicious file could come away without our knowledge, and ultimately cause problems on computers. By using a firewall, you do not need khawatr again when accessing the internet. Firewalls can be a protective wall between the Internet and your computer. You can get the device in the computer store with ease.

2. Keep out of Objects Liquid Characteristically
computer including electronic goods which must be kept out of the fluid nature of the objects to avoid damage or short circuit. A good idea to always be careful when using your computer. Do not get any water, oil or other liquids that go into your computer devices. The incoming liquid can be a big problem, so you should keep a variety of liquids or store it in the distance is not too close to your computer.

3. Keep away from berunsur Benda Magnetic
addition of liquids to keep your computer, you too should your computer menjaukan of goods that have magnetic properties. Goods with a magnetic element can usually make the hard drive becomes corrupted. Hard drive is a computer device that are quite expensive. A good idea to prevent damage to your hard drive with your computer away from items that are magnetic.

4. Use Computer Naturally
Another step that you can do to take care of your computer is to use it as natural as possible. When you use the computer for too long, your computer performance will usually fizzle. So if you are not too concerned with your computer, you should not use your computer in order to remain always a good performance. But if you need to use your computer in a long time, restart after 10 hours of computer use. This is done to normalize the existing programs on your computer.

5. Turn off the computer with the Right Procedure
simple thing that is often overlooked in the care of a computer is shut down the computer by following the correct procedures. Some people even often the origin of the push button power that can directly turn off the computer. It is very wrong and also often cause problems or damage to the computer. To shut down the computer properly, you must click on the start menu in advance, and then click shutdown. Only with this step you can take care of your computer in order to remain in good condition and protected from damage.

6. Use Antivirus
Virus usually always attack our computers without us even knowing. Viruses can come from the Internet or files that we send from the flash of others. When our computer got a virus, of course, there are many disorders that we get. In fact, the virus can damage the file that we created with great difficulty. Before the virus destroys the computer and hamper your work, it helps you to install antivirus advance to ward off viral attacks. There are many types of antivirus that you can install on your computer. To determine the quality of the antivirus would you post, you should look at some of the reviews about the antivirus. Choose antivirus really effective in dealing with unwanted virus attacks.

7. Clean Junk Files
In addition to virus attack on the computer, another thing you should be aware of is the junk files. Usually there are files that suddenly meet our computers and interfere with the performance of our computers. There are several ways you can do to clean up the junk files. The first way is, you can click the Start menu, select Run, then type cleanmgr word in the search field. After that, click Ok and press Enter.Nanitinya you only have to choose where lies the junk files to be cleaned. The second way you can do is to use CCleaner application. You can use any way you think is more practical and easy to use.

That’s some right way to care for the computer . The steps above is quite easy to use instead? You just have to try these steps, and then eventually your computer will last a long time and its performance is always in good condition. Good luck, I hope this article on how to care for the computer on top can be useful for you.

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