best film glass

How to choose a window film for a good car is very important, the main function not only to reduce heat from the outside, this film glass can be used for the appearance of the car let more modify and elegant. To make it easier for you to determine, it would be better if not just know its price list only, because not necessarily expensive price has the best quality and suitable for your vehicle. Recognize also the main functions and types, especially the front, then match with the color, eg window film for the car white or other colors.

For those who own a new car, window film is an additional component that must be installed. No wonder if the dealer always gives this component to its customers.

best film glass

Perhaps not a few people who know that window film has a safety role in it. So not limited to reducing the incoming light, but can provide protection when the glass is broken due to knocks sharp objects.

Well, therefore there is a film glass then the broken glass will continue to stick to the window film. Drivers and passengers in it automatically will be more protected.

Not just that the benefits of window film. This component can be useful to minimize people to commit the crime, especially in traffic jams or street lights. This kind of thing is due to the shrinking of visibility from the outside into the car. For the function, we will describe at the bottom.

The problem is that many have cars that do not understand the ins and outs of window film, best in terms of safety or quality. As a result, not a few who have a tempted car with an affordable price offer from a famous brand of film glass in other words fake film glass

Another impact, the timing of the damaged, automatic car that will immediately accuse the poor quality of the brand. This situation is detrimental to manufacturers of fake film glass.

Therefore, there are many guidelines for you to get original film glass. Whatever the criteria?

Check Accent Logo

Usually, each brand has an accent name or logo that is in the window film car. Make sure it exists to signal the authenticity of the product. But this kind of thing has not borne 100% of the authenticity of the heat dissipation product. Because the current black market window film looks more and more similar to the original.

To show more. You can use soapy water and rub it in the logo section. If the logo is lost, hints that the film’s glass is original. But if not, surely he is a fake product.

Thorough Warranty card

Film glass with famous brand always gives warranty on its product. This kind of thing for the proof that the quality of the filmed glass that is sold is a superior product.

Generally, the original window film has a warranty card that has its own characteristics. One of them is a hologram on the warranty card. Beyond that, especially on the warranty card, there is a number that is identified.