Get Rich Project, It’s Not a Game of Monopoly

By | March 19, 2017

Although the name is almost the same, but the new game output Netmarble Games is different from the game of monopoly that is currently booming among the use Line. Get Rich Project invites us to build a tourist spot super cool, to be a lot of tourists who will visit the place travel.

Get Rich Project, It's Not a Game of Monopoly

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The tourist city of dreams will be awakened by your toil alone. This game uses three types of languages that you can choose like the game Let’s Get Rich, namely English, Indonesia, and Thailand. How to play the game is also quite easy. We just have to follow any instructions given in the game. With the feature “Around Player”, we can add friends who play this game and we can play with them.

Quiet, information about us will be kept confidential. So we do not need to fear the misuse of our confidential information. What is interesting in this game was the difference in day and night views. At night, the city will be filled with sparkling travel beautiful lights. Remember, do not just build keeps you think, you also have to help the tourists who got lost and get a special prize.


If your best travel cities have you get up, eventually you will get all the legacy of Mr. Joker. Who was Mr. Joker? Just download the game and play!

If you download the game Get Rich Project is now, there will be 1 unit motor for you lucky in 2017.

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